Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Atherton House Spa offers some of the most cutting edge technology in Laser Hair Removal. As most of you already know, we are fully trained and extremely knowledgeable with the skin and hair functions of the body. We want to provide everyone we know the information and details of the laser itself as well as the very reasonable pricing and flexible time schedule being offered.

We encourage you to contact us further with any other questions or concerns and by all means share with a friend, neighbour, co-worker or family member. Discounts are given with multiple services as well as referrals!

The amazing reinvented Soprano Platinum Laser system is everything you can ask for in a Laser Hair Removal machine. The treatments remain cool and virtually painless, it is quick and easy to have done, and the benefits are Pain-Free, Hair-Free!

This laser is FDA approved for all skin types including tanned skin, and safe for treatment all year round.

Pricing for services is indicated by each individual body part, per treatment. You may need upwards of 8+ treatments, but a consultation will give a better idea of results and treatment numbers. Consultations can be done any time free of charge prior to the dates of treatment. We also ask for partial payment or a credit card to ensure your booking is firm. Any cancellations will need to be rescheduled or a deposit will be charged.

For more information, check out this short youtube video that provides real results and the actual treatments being performed. The first is direct from the manufacturer, and the second is from the popular television show “The Doctors”.

  • Upper Lip$30
  • Chin$30
  • Side Burns$30
  • Full Face$70
  • Underarms$50
  • Neck Area$40
  • Stomach$85
  • Areola$30
  • Navel$30
  • Full Back$110
  • Half Arm$60
  • Full Arm$110
  • Lower Leg$90
  • Upper Leg$90
  • Full Legs$170
  • Bikini$60
  • Brazilian$80
  • LA$100
  • Buttocks$90